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getting cheated on in japan and my march thing

I found out I was being cheated on from an anonymous good Samaritan via email. An anonymous email, ladies and gentlemen. They didn't say who they were or how they knew the details they knew. They didn't give me anything else. They just dropped this intimate bombshell into my inbox, into my computer, into my… Continue reading getting cheated on in japan and my march thing

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saying yes is my thing

I see Tara's comment on my "this is going to be the new thing I try in February" post on Instagram as I am running to pick my kids up from school. I am always running when I pick my kids up from school. I am always slightly out of breath as I stand with… Continue reading saying yes is my thing

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angel card readings are my thing

I am driving a little too fast to my angel card reading appointment (my "thing" for February is readings). My plan to leave with plenty of time got sideswiped with an impromptu meeting for work and now I am running and starting and zipping and swearing a bit under my breath and sweating a bit… Continue reading angel card readings are my thing

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a confession

I have something a bit lame to confess… or maybe it’s embarrassing or sad... or I'm overthinking it… you be the judge.  Here goes:  I don’t know what my “thing” should be for February. January = Axe Throwing February = ????? Don’t get me wrong, I have come up with a whole host of possibilities… Continue reading a confession

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axe throwing is my thing (new things)

I did it. I hurled a pink handled axe in a metal cage and occasionally hit a spray painted target for an hour. I am no Paul Bunyan, but I did better than I did with the bowling so there's that. It was fun... and I got kind of sweaty... and my arm got sore...… Continue reading axe throwing is my thing (new things)